The MAD Greek Presents CR8APL8 -- Over 2 Million Sold since 1982!
Most every license plate you've seen on TV or the movies was made by us. We make every state, territory and more. As Hollywood's #1 supplier of custom and state plate designs, we've been offering them to the public sine 2003 on the Internet. All years, all styles, all sizes. So express yourself with CR8 (create) A (A) PL8 (plate). Your ONLY source anywhere for replica look alike license plates or originals. A solution to a nation wide problem. Yes, our $29.95 plastic plates have raised letters and exacting backgrounds and close fonts. Not only for lost or damaged license plates but a superior gift giving idea.
Express Yourself With CR8APL8! License Plates start at ONLY $29.95! Originals $160-$180


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STOP - and read our Guarantee! Mad Greek provides you with a service not available anywhere at any price We have helped thousands of customers with that one problem they can't solve. How to replace or acquire a replacement plate for their beloved ride'. WE ARE NOT THE DMV. Our plates look great. Read our testimonials. Consider your needs. Then jazz yourself and order. This site is our plastic plate site for $29.95 . Metal 3D graphically raised for custom cars $49.95 CR8-A-PL8. Motorcycle site $39.95 CR8-APL8 GO - and buy our PL8s with confidence!

The Mad Greek has been supplying Hollywood with all of the plates you've seen on TV and in movies for 30 years now. And now we'll make a personalize license plate for you. CR8APL8 offers to you a line of plates that will service your needs or situation. These are REPLICA license plates, novelty license plates, fun plates, personal license plates, custom license plates, replacement license plates, vanity license plates, or original blank plates that have one thing in common. They are positively great. And they can save your bacon in a pinch. We can make any U.S.A. license plate or Canadian license plate in any style going back to 1920. It's easy to do a state license plate search on our USA map by clicking on your state. Once there, you will see several styles that we make. This particular site is one of three. Here we make the plastic plate version license plate which is 65% of our business and we've been making them for 30 long years now. Our license plate is an excellent lost plate solution in most states. Again, please Remember, WE ARE NOT THE DMV or affiliated with any state DMV. Many states accept our plates and a few don't. We can't give legal advice, up to you to find out so please don't email to ask. Seven years on the Internet, and over 250,000 Plates sold both Replica and Original.

A 7 letter plastic license plate will look close to a real state license plate size. But here's the deal. We can go up to NINE characters - so your plate message can be longer than is allowed on a legal plate. Also your plate comes with a clear Lexan plastic cover and a black frame unless you opt for our $10 chrome frame which is a deal of its own.

The needs are endless and we strongly suggest the plastic $29.95 plate for any state license plate. If you're a car buff, car enthusiast or just love your restored automobile, for example: You've just or are in the process of an automobile restoration and your original license plates are in real poor or sad shape. Maybe they are the California blue plates, or the California black plates, or the California Yellow plates before that. Or perhaps they are poor quality 1929 license plates? The Mad Greek can solve your problem in a New York minute. We can make a plate for you that matches your valid registered, or soon to be registered vintage license plate with a near perfect replica license plate or a brand new 100% original. No we don't supply the tags that go on them. WE ARE NOT THE DMV. You can go to AAA if you're a member or the DMV and request a new month tag. Or wait until your registration renews. Why park your car at a meter only to come back and find a ticket for no front plate. Now we don't give legal advice because we sell only a novelty, but wouldn't it be a lot safer and let you sleep at night? Europe and all across the globe, you must have two plates on your automobile. But what if one is stolen or you come from a one plate state? Don't ship that car in because they have no sense of humor and will tow it. Or you want to sell your automobile at auction but have a plate missing. Why lose money and be punished for not having both period license plates. Or you live in a state where they allow you to put anything you want on the front besides a rebel flag or a Laker's plate. How about on the wall of your garage, office or den?

We have state license plates blanks going back 100 years. So you can now get a New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Wyoming, Illinois, Arizona, Utah Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Nevada, Washington, low: Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Georgia, Colorado, or Canadian license plate no matter how old it is from CR8APL8.

So if you're a car enthusiast and been just dying to get a unique car accessory, like a custom car plate for your street rod, hot rod, custom car, restored car - or even the car you drive daily. The Mad Greek is the only place to get one.

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