Terms And Conditions

METAL PLATES TAKE 5 TO 6 WEEKS, IF YOU CAN'T WAIT DON'T ORDER. Any rush work will be billed at $100 to $500.

NO REFUNDS ON REAL CUSTOM PLATES. ALSO A 50% RESTOCKING CHARGE APPLYS.You've read it on this site over a dozen times. WE ARE NOT THE DMV and in California the A.G. tried to shut us down because she took money (alledgedly) and now needs to make way for flat 3M plates coming to a DMV near everyone soon. Most every one of 50 of the States do accept all versions of the plates we make. It is up to you to find out which ones apply in whatever state for whichever use. Don't ask us, because we can't give advice. Our four videos show and explain our products as well as anyone needs to know. We make real original state plates for those who can afford them. As a courtesy to those who can not afford a real plate - we strive to make a lesser poor people version. Excellent in every respect. However if you expect it to be real, look 100% real, it's not. It's a fake. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER one. We make enough real plates for serious collectors and the movies that we don't want your cry baby business.No refunds on our $29.95 and $49.95 plates, period. We would hopefully expect that every one of our customers could or would purchase a original replacement or YOM matching plate. However if you can't order the original or flat plate that closely match the 21 states issuing them, then perhaps the lesser priced $29.95 version might work for you as well. We have never gotten any complaint from the thousands of original plates we've sold over the years ever. But we do offer a limitted guarantee however only on the original license plate orders only, NOT on the plastic raised letteredf $29.95 plate since we don't have any problems (and why should we?) The originals are just that, original but aluminum not steel so there is a difference allthough not in the way it looks. Steel is not an available product option to offer for purchase, or we sure would. Also we will not sell anyone an original plate unless they first get a clearance from the DMV or AAA. Once they clear it, we'll make it but that's it. Once you confirm it as clear and order, you have met the criteria. In the rare case of discrepency or problem issues beyond that including being made aluninum, there would be a restocking charge of 50% on anything returned. Provided you insure it for full value and tracking, or request a signature confirmation However, being all car people at CR8APL8 we try hard to help those who can't afford the real deal and offer to them a metal replica non raised exact copy that gets the job done or for even less money, a plastic raised lettered plate that will service as a no front plate fix, or quick fix so a person can drive highways and byways without fear of being pulled over. Consequently those who can't yet afford real originals or actually really don't need a real one just to get around where plastic will do just fine. Can be cry babies and complainers and we most certainly DO NOT offer any refund on those that are priced to help people out, types of plates, period. We much rather that cry babies don't bother to spend their money with us (we are proud to have an F rating with the BBB for our plastic plates. Double proud to read the babies who cry out to Yelp also)if they even think they might not be happy for any reason. DO NOT ORDER. This is also how we keep our prices as low as can be, so that we don't need to cover the misaction of wanna be's who expect to get something valued for not paying for it. What they don't understand is the cost in equipment and personnel (see About Us)that it takes us to get these plates made. We have four million between tool and die works and press machines. And this is also why we provide 4 videos that show and explain each product in definative representation. So poor people and wanna be's, if you can't afford a real origin don't buy here unless you've got your use and need worked out. Like to get to work and not be pulled over. Or to park at a parking meter and finding a no front pllate ticket. We offer something that could help. Don't buy it if you are a cray baby and hope by a miracle from God that it's the same as real original. By the way, our $29.95 plastic raised plate is 65% of all sales and is an excellent product.

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