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All About CR8APL8, CR8-APL8 & CR8-A-PL8

About the Mad Greek owner of CR8APL8 and how it got started with nothing but California license plates in 1982 and now, (2012) because of the ass hole A.G. and while we explain it to you add the ass hole Christopher Gill, of THE GESTAPO POLICE who has closed us down on California plate signs and people wonder why California is going down the tubes. Answer, too many shit for brains Democrats. So we can not make any California plate signs. DO NOT vote for any of the Democrats in any capacity. - also learn about our motorcycle license plate division, sans California once again CR8-APL8 - and then find out about the Mad Greeks custom hyway sign division, CR8-A-PL8.


So here it is, the true uncensored story of CR8APL8 and its MAD owner - aka The MAD Greek!

First about me ... Yes, I have always been MAD! And I've always been a shrewd businessman with an eye to what is hot and what the public wants - then delivered it to them! Over the years I have sold everything - even pieces of the Pope's red carpet when he was at Shea Stadium in 1963 - and numerous other successful business ventures, like throw-back-airplanes, and faux Rolex watches. I did a major stint promoting rock concerts like Cal Jam and the US Festival. I've been creating innovative products for over 40 years  but customized personal license plates are by far my finest and most popular creation! I've been on many magazine covers as well as run ads in most every auto publication and now on cable TV spots.

The MAD Greek!
The MAD Greek' original logo caricature was created by
Big Daddy Roth in 1982

The story of how CR8APL8 came into existence begins in 1982, when he purchased a 1960 Cadillac with great potential - and then spent $25K to restore that puppy!

He ripped out the entire dash board and had a mahogany and rosewood dash put in with roll up louvers. I added a TV, VCR and a very cool - at the time - video game by Atari called PacMan! had the seats custom upholstered in red leather, added a tounell cover (it's like a partial convertible - covering the back seat area only) and had Ya-Ya's neatly painted in the back on both quarter panels. He then ripped out the back chrome pieces under the trunk area and put in stained glass with fluorescent lighting behind the stained glass.

The Original CR8APL8!

And, naturally, after creating such a 'tits' car, He wanted to get personalized California license plates that announced 'ITS TITS' - but, alas, the DMV has not a sense of humor or appreciation for hard work and fine vehicles - and wouldn't allow me the plates. And there was no one else making car plates of any type or car accessories that had anything like this, and, well, the MAD Greek wasn't having any of that, so he sat down and put his mind to it - and figured out a way to create his own OWN personalized customized vanity plate!! And CR8APL8 was born!

As soon as my car enthusiast friends saw the custom California license plates and heard my story, all those car buffs agreed that he had invented such an awesome product that he should go into business making these personalized California license plates so that anyone that wanted 'tits' plates could have them if they wanted them!!

And the rest, of course, as they say ... is history!! All the way to the bank.

The MAD Greek's fully restored 1960 Cadillac - the one that wears the original CR8APL8!

Now these high quality, one-of-a-kind novelty car accessory license plates are so realistic, no one will know they are not the real thing unless you tell them -- which I encourage you to do so they too can enjoy having their own 100% genuine fake license plates!

My custom license plates, not to be confused with real DMV registered plates or our own real original plates made for sale, are super for use as a front plate in states that do not require a DMV-issued front plate. They are also awesome for use on show cars, hot rods and antique cars that are not registered, where you can get two and use them for shows, both front and back. And many accepting state license plates for YOM registration.

And for those of you who live in two-plate states - if you just MUST have a personalized plate for the front of your car - here's a tip: many customers put them over their front plate - never the rear plate! - or put the real original license front plate in their trunk and display their CR8APL8! If, in the rare event that a diligent officer looking to make detective second grade pulls you over for it, you can just take off your CR8APL8, and either reveal the real plate underneath, or get the real one from your trunk and put it on! In all states with two plates this is a no fee 'fix it ticket' - and most cops know all about CR8APL8 because they buy our customized license plates for their D.A.R.E. cars and department race cars!

CR8APL8s are also great for use on boat or horse trailers, ATCs and RVs! These unique car accessories make excellent gifts and can also be used by clubs, businesses or organizations for promotional purposes. If you would like to purchase customized license plates for your group, contact me about quantity discounts! Just remember that these are hand made, not punched out.

And while they are in most cases a fun car accessory, in some instances we can actually re-create an official DMV license plate that has been damaged or lost - if the DMV cannot provide you with a replacement themselves. For instance, in California, the 'black plate' is no longer available thru the DMV, so if you have a custom restored vehicle from the black plate era, the DMV cannot issue you a replacement because they no longer have the blanks. BUT, you can order two of our custom license plates here thru us, as long as they are displayed with your valid license number and current registration tags issued by the DMV. Just think how hot that classic '65 Chevy pickup you just restored will look with brand new 'original' custom license plates front and back!!

Now I'm a modest guy, and I don't like to brag (Ya Think?) but in the interests of full disclosure I feel it is my duty to inform you of one other use I've found for my customized license plates - for the last 25 years, I have been the #1 provider of fake license plates to the TV and movie industries. So whenever you see a vehicle in a movie or TV show, you will think of me and know that yours truly is more than likely the one responsible for the creation of the license plates! I just thought you should know ...

Even though CR8APL8 is new to the Internet, I have sold almost 2 million replica license plates since 1982 by placing this ad pictured here on the back page of many popular auto magazines - so you are getting a quality proven product, using a method that has been fine tuned and perfected - which guarantees you the highest quality in these 100% genuine fake license plates that are sold exclusively through CR8APL8!

But because I am MAD, I still sell these unbelievably cool personalized license plates for only $29.95 each, and I even include a frame, the nuts and bolts to attach them to your vehicle and a plastic cover for extra protection for those show car owners that need to have every inch of their car be in pristine condition! All this ... and up to NINE letters, numbers or symbols on each replica license plate - which is two more than the DMV allows!  Wow I must be MAD ... All the way to the bank.

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