1.  Are they real?

 2.  Are they legal?

 3.  Legal or NO? Hell NO in California. Ass Hole A.G.

 4.  What about the font and size?

 5.  How long will they last?

 6.  Why aren't they made in steel?

 7.  What can I use them for?

 8.  Can I use my logo on a plate?

 9.  Can I use other symbols?

 10.  When was CR8APL8 born?

11.  Why are they so inexpensive?

12.  What is your Return Policy?

These are actual CR6APL8s that we were commissioned to create for the cover of the November 1985 edition of VW Trends Magazine

1.  Are they real?

No. We aren't the DMV. And that the ass holes in California are alledgedly being paid off by 3M to run us out of business. So sorry, you can't order California plates. But sure as heck, the next best aftermarket item out there. It would be nice to be able to, but you can't register replicas (only real originals) to your car (but you can replace a lost plate), except where specifically noted by your DMV (Virginia and several other States are extremely libral in their laws. CR8APL8 or CR8-ONE custom license plates or personal license plates go on the front or both front and back for a car show or display. Or just the front to promote your name, team or business. Many car dealers use them on display cars and let the buyer keep them. Use it as a company advertisement or alter ego identification. Only you will know that your personal plate is not real. Everyone will ask you how you got so lucky to get it. They are somewhat virtually undetectable as fakes unless you point it out, but then, who's looking for it to be a fake. The only giveaway is an advantage for you - the DMV only allows seven letters - and you can get up to NINE on our personalized license plates.

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2.  Are they legal?

Only on the front (unless they are real originals). Many people have a rebel flag, Go Lakers or #1 DAD. In 22 US states they require only a rear license plate and absolutely nothing is on the front, like Arizona, Kansas, Iowa, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. You cannot drive with it on the rear unless it is a replacement license plate for one that is registered to you. Example: In California, if you lost your California blue or California black plate you can't have it remade by the DMV because they no longer have any original blanks but you can use a CR8APL8, CR8-ONE as a replacement license plate! And if it's a show car that isn't driven on the road, you can display one on the front and one on the back.

The Mad Greek has been all over America, and attended just about every car show from 1983 through 1994. Our replica license plates were the third most profitable novelty product sold at Universal Studios for two years straight. Right after Record A Song and Picture On A Magazine.

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3.  What about the font and size?

We use a state's required 2 1/2 inch font. The size is standard in most state issues. Each state uses several different bastard (no such) fonts as well as color shades. What do you expect, they are made in prison. You think those nice young men care? Anyway, you will just say 'Wow!' when you see them. The web site doesn't do them justice. If our novelty license plates look good to you now - they will look ten times better on your vehicle. Don't miss our YouTube videos of all of our products.

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4.  How long will they last?

The Mad Greek has made way over two million custom license plates since 1982 and sells them with a guarantee that under normal conditions, they will not show any more wear and tear than a real one would. And offers a guarantee on craftsmanship

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5.  Why aren't they all made in metal?

Because it is a felony in every state in the United States to manufacture license plates made from metal! Our metal ones are made at our plant in Costa Rica The plastic ones have no such law.

Our customized license plates are made in lightweight plastic with a UV stabilizer to preserve the colors and prevent sun fading - and we use a special ink made for us expressly that prevents fading or chipping. Because of this they tend to hold up better than the DMV plates - that are made out of metal that can rust and deteriorate, and use paint that chips and fades - and best of all - our replica license plates are LEGAL! in many States.

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6.  What can I use them for?

For a real vanity license plate - with up to nine letters, not just seven. For a show car, custom car, hot rod or street rod. Advertise your business name, phone, location. Hawk your ego, job or secret desire. A great gift or gag gift. Just your name is good.

And our California blue, California black and the California yellow plates CAN be legally used as replacement plates with a valid (registered) license number and current registration issued by the DMV - since California no longer has blanks for those three styles! So you can legally replace your old dented DMV issued blue, California black or yellow plates with a brand new CR8APL8 - CR8-ONE!

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7.  Can I use my logo on a plate? Or get custom work done?

Only on Type A or Type B plates. Small art charge may apply.

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8.  Can I use other symbols?

Yes! Currently available are [$] [#] [.] [-] ['] [?] [/] and a red heartred heart! You can indicate their usage when you order your personalized license plates.

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9.  When was CR8APL8 born?

As you may have guessed from the magazine cover pictured above - we've been around quite a while now. CR8APL8 first opened for business in 1982! To read the fascinating true story of how and why CR8APL8 was born, check out our All About Us section!

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10.  Why are they so inexpensive?

Because I'm MAD, of course!! Who else would sell such a unique high quality car accessory product at such a low, low price - with a Guarantee on workmanship - but no returns however? We give you a way to go is all. So do not order unless you know what you are doing. That, or order a real original to begin with and you're good to go.

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11.  What is your Return Policy?

Easy. There is none at all on plastic or metal flat replica plates. And a 50% restocking charge on real originals once it hits producrtion at our discretion If you're not sure PLEASE DON'T BUY. If you can't afford the real originals, or you might change your mind, please don't buy from us. We have much much more than all the business we can handle.

We give you a way to get out of your situation. But we much rather you didn't buy at all. We are here to fit the right product into the hands of those who really need it. We are not here for jerk wads who want a Real Original but can't afford one and order a lesser one, then change their mind. Not that is anjything at all wrong, bad or different, they just are not real is all.

We must issue an RNA number for ALL authorized exchanges - NO exceptions! Even if you are requesting a correction or upgrade ... for any situation that requires you to return the license plate you purchased, you must have this number. We receive many, many packages every day and need to be able to route them accurately. So if your return package does not have an RNA number marked on the outside of your package, we dump it in the trash if it doesn't- We are not, will not and cannot be held responsible for processing it properly. Got it? We must insist upon this for two main reasons: People often send us real plates, which we discourage - and because the RNA number means we've already discussed it with you and identifies you and your issue so we have an e-mail audit trail reference to resolve and expedite your issue promptly. Customer Service is #1 with us, but for us to provide that excellent service, please do your part and follow our necessary rules. We also recommend you send it with a Delivery Confirmation, just to be safe. Thanks!

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