The A.H. Harris shut us down in California. Do NOT ever vote for her in any capacity. Thank you guys oh so much. You saved me from a near divorce. Husband isn't pouting any more about the plate he lost on the road. Love you guys. Shirley Marshall.

Thank you guys oh so much. You saved me from a near divorce. Husband isn't pouting any more about the plate he lost on the road. Love you guys. Shirley Marshall.

Thought you might like to see your work. I've passed many a CHP and not even once questioned. Tell all my friends. See picture attached. There, I just received the plates I ordered, thank you very much I an impressed. I need to order two more sets as set out below.Kilbo Australia.

I don't know if you rushed this for me or if your turn around is just that fast. In any event, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Just in time for my dads birthday this weekend. Mike.

Just put my new plate that I got from you and all I can say is thankyou and thank you once again. No worries about a pull over on the freeway any more. Thanks. Eddie.

I'm a car dealer and I've been buying from you for 15 years. Thanks for the quick delivery whenever I ask. I'm regestering autos every day and people way both plates. Keep up the great service you perform. Harbor Used Cars.

Love you Paul. You the man. Thanks. Brenda.

Great service and a good product. These are way cheaper than a prop master and always work great on our shoots. Mikie.

Glad to see you're still in business. I bought a front plate from you over a year ago. I'm sure a cop with an eagle eye could spot it but I guess he first has to be looking for it. No cop has ever come close to spoting it. Works for me. Jose.

God bless Henning's and you guys. I've looked for years for someone who made replacement plates. Duh? Should have checked the bible, Hemming's in first placeI run one of your cheapo plastic plates on the front and one of your real deal originals on the back. Denis.

CR8APL8 Rules. I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that someone would ever make what I needed. Much much luck to you in the future Michael. I received your plates MONGO69 and they look better than the original DMV. Thank you. Thanks again for all your help and craftsmanship in manufacturing an outstanding quality product. Much appreciated. Gary.

I've had one of your plastic plates for Wa state for a couple years now. Wondering if you still make metal. Art

I was skeptical at first but now I have second thoughts. I like the look an old style plate gives my truck. Also you are right in saying that no one can tell unless they get 3 feet away. Thanks and I'll be back. Christian

When you say, "Get you out of a fix it ticket" you guys tell no lies. The CHP guy just looked and signed it off. Thank you for saving me a bundle. Thomas

Cool. A bunch of us hobbists tested your plate using the doppler return found on some police LIDAR devices and there definately was a major shift in the tone. So bravo. Ohio

I bought a 1967 Chevelle a month ago without a front plate. Bought one of your replicas and went to the DMV. I was told, no way. Went to another DMV and badda bing. Done deal. 67STUNT-A-LOT

Been a while but I figure I owe you guys a thank you email. Two years of running one of your plastic plates and never a single hitch in thhe get along. I even forgot that it was there untill just recently. Carry On. FortyTillFive.

Plate look better than expected. Now I need one for the front. Can you Pay Pal bill me for the additional metal black California plate? 71 3FIVE..Well guys I got the plate today and just as you said, it's out of this world, it looks GREAT. Thanks for letting me upgrade. Glenn.

Here are your plates on my Firebird aka Rockford Files. Ordered them after a grip on Mythbusters told us the Jamie and Adam plates they display on the board behind them every show. Roy Ward.

You guys rock. And way less expensive than a standard prop master. You get all our plates business for every movie we'll ever contract for. Jim. Gone in 60 Seconds.

Just to let you know, you were right. We can't tell how much but we got at least a couple thou more for our car with real originals on it. $320.00 was a necessary cost.

Just received my original plate today. Felt like a kid who stole candy at the store. Thanks. Ryan.

I have scoured the Internet looking for plates like theseand I'm glad I found you and your plates are good quality for replicas. I will be getting the real originals next. 57ChevyGuy

Got the plate as promissed before Labor Day Cruise. Wow and thanks a lot. Jerry.

Dudes, you're on a rool here. I orded an Ohio and an Illinois plastic quick and dirty plate from you. I'm gonna bet, unless I let the word out that they are, no one will ever know. Philip.

I was really pissed off when I first got it. Thought it looked like crap. Boought a new frame for it and it now looks great.

Thank you Paul, you make an excellent product. I am a four-time customer.

God Bless America. If you want something and are willing to go after it, you can get it. I wanted black plates to replace the ugly white plates on my 69 Charger. It was killing me to have this primo ride that still looked odd. Went to the DMV and ordered X 69 X in ugly white. About six weeks later, I got them from the DMV. Ordered two real originals from CR8-ONE.com in black. Two weekd later, I was the happiest dude in all of the state. Yes, it cost a few Francs but I got exactly what I wanted. 69BADBOY.

Try this site WWW.CR8APL8.COM. We've bought lots of plates from them and never been happier than the days they arrive in the mail and they are non reflective for those of you who care about radar. Jerry.

Important site for people who've lost their front plate. Lost mine but got it replaced. CR8-ONE will get r done. Joey

Read and heard great things from you guys about this site. Going to turn my Arizona new plate into the old burgandy ones that should be on there. Rooster.

Here's a site that may save your butt some day. It did mine. LOst a front or rear plate. No worries mate. They can make whatever you need. RAMROD67.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I shoot indy commercials and your plates have made me a fortune, or at least, kept me in business and shooting. Mikie.

If you guys didn't exist, someone would need to invent you. Thanks for being there for all of us. Tod.

License plate news update, this is it, if you are in need of a replacement tag. It sure got me out of a legal mess. You guys rule. Eric57

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