MAD Greek Personalized MOTORCYCLE PLATES CR8-APL8 We make a personalized motorcycle plate for ALL 50 STATES! Close to Original Replicas! Each M/C or ATV License Plate made expressly for YOU to your specs! Get your personalized motorcycle license plate from The MAD Greek -- Hollywood's ONLY supplier of custom motorcycle tags! Express Yourself With CR8-APL8! ALL motorcycle License Plates $39.95!
Golf Carts, ATV, Go Carts, MC Clubs, Kids rooms, trailers, Gift

Yes, your dreams have come true - your fondest desire fulfilled ... now all of you motorcycle, hog, dirt bike, ATV, moped and golf cart owners can finally have your very own CR8-APL8s - created to your specs!

These .30 gage metal motorcycle license plates are 100% authentic looking! Although the law will not allow us to create them with raised letters, through the magic of graphics we've gotten around that by creating the lettering in 3D for a more realistic looking, that you'll have to run your finger across them to believe they aren't actually raised!

And since people aren't usually fondling your license plates [we hope!] - this means that no one but you should notice that the letters on the plate aren't actually raised! Who Cares? Who Know?

In a test market promotion we conducted at the 2005 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally we sold over 3,000 of these novelty motorcycle accessories and not ONE biker walked away without showering us with kudos on our custom motorcycle license plates! with like results and sales in 2006-2007-2008-2009

And it doesn't even stop there! You can also order ATV license plates, moped license plates, snowmobile license plates, and even golf cart license plates! If you are a motorcycle enthusiast you must have these plates! Or if someone you know is a collector of motorcycle memorabilia, this makes a perfect gift!

So if you own a motorcycle, dirtbike, ATV, dune buggy, snowmobile or other off road vehicle, moped, scooter or even a golf cart ... this one's for YOU!

The perfect novelty motorcycle accessory for your motorcycle memorabilia lover! Or get a vintage motorcycle license plate, US state replica m/c license plates, moped license plates, ATV license plates or golf cart license plates!

Get your own personalized, customized motorcycle license plate from CR8-APL8 today!

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