Sample Plates

Want to see how creative some of our many customers have been when designing their own CR8APL8s? Here's a very small sampling of how wonderfully clever our customers are! If you'd like to share your special plate with the world, let us know and we'll try to squeeze yours in here too!*

PLEASE NOTE: These are simple images of actual plates, but do not accurately portray the details of the actual plates as we have posted low resolution pictures so they will load quickly for you - the CR8APL8 you will receive will look near to a fake counterfeit DMV issued plate only it is called a sign - with raised lettering and including a frame, the hardware to affix it to any vehicle or bicycle or wall or whatever, and a protective plastic covering - and are better than DMV issued plates because they are made of durable, lightweight specially coated plastic that resists fading and chipping better - and with a CR8APL8 - you can have up to NINE letters, numbers or symbols - and spaces don't count! These simple images are shown here for your enjoyment, and so you can get some ideas for your own CR8APL8s!

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